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Joint Statement on NHS Constitution proposals

Everyone deserves timely access to holistic, high-quality healthcare and to be treated with dignity, privacy and respect throughout their treatment and care. 

This includes trans, non-binary and intersex people who already face significant barriers and inequality when accessing NHS care.

The consultation closes on 25th June 2024, and will inform changes to the NHS Constitution that will be in place until 2035. 

We have concerns about some of the changes proposed, particularly those likely to impact trans patients and healthcare professionals. 

In the meantime, we’d like to remind everyone that these proposals are under consultation, and will not change how NHS healthcare is provided at this time. There is likely to be a lot said and written about these proposals, not all of which will be balanced.

We're looking carefully at the proposed changes and working with experts to understand their legal and practical impacts on trans, non-binary and intersex people and will share more with our communities in the coming weeks.

If you have concerns about your wellbeing or healthcare, please reach out for support.

Signed by/On behalf of:

Gendered Intelligence

The Kite Trust

LGBT+ Consortium

LGBT Foundation




Trans Learning Partnership