London Workplace Conference 2024 Programme
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London Workplace Conference 2024 programme

How to use this programme

All delegates can attend our inspiring opening and closing sessions as well as choose from a range of engaging workshops.

There are two types of workshop available. Workshops taking place in Session A and Session C are designed by Stonewall’s workplace inclusion experts, they feature speakers from leading Diversity Champion organisations. Workshops taking place in Session B are designed by other specialist Stonewall teams and partner organisations.

If you join us in person you can choose from all sessions. If you join us online you can select from content marked ‘available online’.

Session streams

Our workshops have been designed to support all staff involved in LGBTQ+ inclusion. Sessions are split into three categories:

First steps: these sessions are designed for workplaces at the beginning of their LGBTQ+ inclusion (e.g. those setting up an LGBTQ+ network, re-starting a network after a period of inactivity, beginning to do policy reviews etc.) and are looking for guidance on their first steps.

On the journey: these sessions are for workplaces who have set up foundations of LGBTQ+ inclusion in their organisation and are ready to take things to the next level (e.g. focusing on identity specific work, implementing new policies and communicating externally about your inclusion work).

Taking the lead: these sessions are designed for workplaces who are comfortable with their commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion and are looking to take the steps to become leaders of LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Programme Quick View
Time Length Item
09:00-09:30 30 mins Registration
09:30-09:55 25 mins Opening session
09:55-10:35 40 mins Break
10:35-12:00 85 mins Session A
12:00-13:00 60 mins Lunch
13:00-14:00 60 mins Session B
14:00-14:40 40 mins Break
14:40-16:05 85 mins Session C
16:05-16:15 10 mins Travel time
16:15-16:30 15 mins Closing
Sessions A and C

These hour and a half workshops are designed by Stonewall staff, they’ll share their expertise alongside speakers who’ll share practical experience from their organisation. You can select two sessions from this list.

Network groups: building a strategy for success

Audience: first steps

LGBTQ+ Network Groups are vital for supporting LGBTQ+ staff and can advocate for real changes to workplace culture. However, many struggle to maintain momentum, access resources and articulate their impact. In this workshop we’ll explore how to build a robust strategy that sets your network group up for success.

  • Discuss the role of LGBTQ+ network groups in a workplace.
  • Explore a comprehensive strategy framework for successful network groups.
  • Begin to apply the framework to your network.

A practical guide to inclusion on a budget

Working in your commitment to creating an inclusive workplace can be challenging when time and money are scarce. This practical workshop will share our top tips for low budget but high impact inclusion activities and provide you with key actions to take away.

Audience: on the journey

  • Explore tried and tested ways to build an inclusive workplace with limited resources
  • Discuss how to apply these methods in your workplaces
  • Create a plan to help your workplace reach its inclusion goals

Communicating your commitment to inclusion

Audience: on the journey

Making your commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion visible both within your workplace and externally is vital part of building more inclusive cultures. This session takes you through our top tips for effective proactive and reactive communications about your LGBTQ+ inclusion activities before exploring how you can apply them to your organisation.

  • Discuss the role communication plays in supporting your LGBTQ+ employees and service users
  • Explore effectives processes for developing proactive and reactive communications
  • Practice developing a communications plan for proactive and reactive communications

Building a truly global network group

Audience: taking the lead

Building an active Global LGBTQ+ network that addresses the needs of LGBTQ+ employees from around the world can be challenging. In this workshop we'll discuss how to ensure your network provides safe and practical support for employees across multiple countries and how to create a unified network across the globe.

  • Discuss the challenges of building global network groups
  • Explore how a global network can provide support to employees working in different contexts
  • Apply the learnings from the session through practical case studies

Embedding trans inclusion at work

Audience: taking the lead

This workshop addresses common challenges workplaces face when making their organisation truly trans inclusive. We'll explore three key parts of trans inclusive workplaces (inclusive facilities, trans inclusive healthcare benefits and developing a trans inclusion policy) before discussing how to adapt our best practice to your organisation.

  • Understand more about what makes a trans inclusive workplace
  • Share and discuss good practice around embedding trans inclusion at work
  • Discuss how to engage your whole organisation in trans inclusion work
Session B

These shorter sessions will be designed by partners from inside and outside of Stonewall. They’ll share their knowledge to help you find practical solutions. You can select one session from this list.

Understanding inclusion for ace and aro people

Audience: on the journey

Stonewall's Ace in the UK Report found that asexual people in the UK have poorer experiences of life satisfaction, mental health and acceptance compared to others within the LGBTQ+ community. In this workshop we will discuss ace identities, key findings from the report and tangible actions you can take to make your workplace more inclusive for ace employees.

Maintaining global momentum amidst a backlash

Audience: taking the lead

Many organisations working in a global context are facing the challenge of an increasing pushback against LGBTQ+ rights. This session will discuss how global organisations can maintain their commitment, get people on board with global LGBTQ+ inclusion and support staff in challenging times. We’ll hear practical insights from the Stonewall Global Founding Partners on responding to pushback against their inclusion work.

Health and wellbeing for LGBTQ+ people at work

Audience: on the journey

We know that LGBTQ+ people often experience worse health outcomes. At work, ensuring your healthcare policies and activities are inclusive of LBGTQ+ people is vital to making LGBTQ+ employees feel truly included. In this session we’ll hear from expert organisations and highlighting where LGBTQ+ people are often overlooked in healthcare and what you can do to change that.

Introducing the talking about trans toolkit

Audience: first steps

Talking about trans inclusion in a way that centres and amplifies the voices of trans people is central to any inclusion work. In this session you’ll hear insights from the team behind the newly launched ‘Talking About Trans’ toolkit. They’ll help you get the best out of the toolkit and share practical ways to share knowledge with your teams.

Embedding inclusive leadership

Audience: on the journey

For the past ten years Stonewall has delivered a groundbreaking programme supporting LGBTQ+ leaders. This taster session will bring you a flavour of that content by introducing Stonewall’s inclusive leadership framework and helping you consider how to develop your practice as an LGBTQ+ leader. Please note that this session is specifically designed for people in the LGBTQ+ community who are currently, or want to take on leadership positions, including as network group leaders.


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