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Four white people and a person of colour sit around drinking tea and eating cake in a workplace

Bring Yourself to Work

Workplace inclusion matters.

Why? Because most of us rely on work for our financial livelihood. And for some of us, our work forms a fundamental part of how we see ourselves. But for lots of LGBTQ+ people, inclusion is far from being a reality.

  • More than a third of LGBT staff hide who they are at work.
  • One in eight lesbian, gay and bi people wouldn’t feel confident reporting homophobic or biphobic bullying to their employer.
  • One in eight trans people have been physically attacked by customers or colleagues because of being trans.

Workplace inclusion is central to our mission, because we know it changes lives for the better. That's why we've spent years honing our Workplace Equality Index and creating an annual list of the Top 100 Employers for LGBTQ+ people in the UK. You can find this year's list on our Top 100 hub

And, this month, we’re celebrating the power of inclusive workplaces by inviting LGBTQ+ people to take centre stage and show how they Bring Themselves to Work.

How do you bring yourself to work? Let us know using the hashtag #BeingLGBTQAtWork.


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