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Welcome to the 2024 Stonewall London Workplace Conference.

How to use this programme

This digital programme has all the information you need for today’s conference to help you have a great day. You can find out about what to expect from the sessions we have lined up for you, who you can find in our network zone, and more information about the incredible speakers who will be sharing their expertise.

What it contains

1, Key Information

2, Today’s Sessions

3, Using the Networking Zone

1, Key Information


09:00-09:30 | Registration 

09:30-09:55 | Opening Remarks 

09:55-10:35 | Breakfast and Networking 

10:35-12:00 | Session A 

12:00-13:00 | Lunch 

13:00-14:00 | Session B 

14:00-14:40 | Break and Networking 

14:40-16:05 | Session C 

16:05-16:15 | Travel Time 

16:15-16:30 | Closing Remarks 


Refreshments will be served throughout the day in the Thames Suite. We will serve snacks at registration, breakfast in the first break, lunch and then snacks in the final break. All food is vegetarian or vegan. All food will be labelled for allergens, if you have any questions, please speak to a member of the venue staff.

We have a quiet dining area in the Café on the east side of the building near the registration desk. There will be food for 50 people served here at lunch time but you are welcome to bring food from our main catering area to eat in here at any time.

If you have provided dietary requirements that mean you have been prepared a specific meal, this will have been communicated with you before the event. Your food will be available to collect from the Café.

Your Lanyard

Please keep your lanyard on throughout the day, this is how we will ensure that only booked delegates are in the event space. If you’re not wearing your lanyard you might be politely asked to put it back on by Stonewall staff.

Your lanyard will let you know what sessions you have registered for. If you did not register in advance you will have been allocated a session as we need to manage capacities to ensure everyone's safety. Please only go to the sessions listed on your lanyard. 

In the networking area you will find a stand where you can add a range of stickers to your lanyard to support you to navigate the day, as well as add your pronouns. The stickers include:

  • Please offer me a seat
  • Please keep your distance
  • Red, orange and green stickers to express communication preferences

You can also replace your lanyard with a red lanyard to indicate you do not want to appear in any official photos. 

Wellbeing Room

We have a wellbeing room available throughout the day, you can find it at the end of Thames Suite in Thames 2, visible on your map.

The wellbeing room is designed, curated and facilitated by Char Bailey. You can use this space to have a chat, take part in some relaxing activities or just take a bit of quiet time out.


You can review the access statement for this event here which details all access features. If you need any accessibility support on the day, you can contact our access coordinator Cecily Stevenson on 07590 305992.


We will have a photographer and videographer at the event. If you would not like to feature in official photos please replace your black lanyard with a red lanyard from the networking area. We welcome you taking your own photos, please tag Stonewall in your posts and do remember to check with other delegates before posting photos that contain them online.


Our conferences provide a safe and respectful place for people to share ideas and experiences. Attendees at our events expect to feel welcome and included and everyone plays a part in creating this environment. We ask all delegates to avoid language or behaviors that might make others feel uncomfortable, offended or excluded. This includes: intentional mis-gendering, micro-aggressions, racism, ableist or mental health exclusionary language. If you experience or witness something that makes you feel uncomfortable, please speak to a member of Stonewall staff.


You can connect devices to the venue Wi-Fi for free using:

Network: etcvenues

Password: stayconnected

2, Today’s Sessions

All delegates were invited to register for their sessions in advance in order to ensure room capacities were not exceeded. You will find a personalized programme in your lanyard letting you know what sessions you are registered for. Please only attend the sessions listed on your lanyard. Below you can find more information about each session.

Opening Remarks


Cat Dixon (she/her) – Stonewall Trustee

Kate Hutchins (she/her) – Pride Cymru Trustee

Ken Janssen (he/him) - co-founder of Windō

Sessions A & C

These sessions are designed by Stonewall’s workplace inclusion experts, featuring speakers from leading Diversity Champions Organisations. In these workshops we’ll share Stonewall’s good practice, hear how workplaces have been making their organisations more LGBTQ+ inclusive, and take part in action planning activities to help you apply what you’ve learned to your workplace. You can select two sessions to attend from this list, each session will run twice during the day.

Embedding trans inclusion at work

Session A: 10:35-12:00: County Suite

Session C: 14:40-16:04: Lord 3

This workshop addresses common challenges workplaces face when making their organisation truly trans inclusive. We'll explore three key parts of trans inclusive workplaces (inclusive facilities, trans inclusive healthcare benefits and developing a trans inclusion policy) before discussing how to adapt our good practice to your organisation.

Stonewall Facilitators: Han Lee and Morgan Page

Speaker : Ann O'Donoghue, DEI Business Partner, Barclays

A practical guide to inclusion on a budget

Session A: 10:35-12:00: Westminster

Sesson B: 14:40-16:04: Lord 1 & 2

Working on your commitment to creating an inclusive workplace can be challenging when time and money are scarce. This practical workshop will share our top tips for low budget but high impact inclusion activities and provide you with key actions to take away.

Stonewall Facilitators: Jake Laws and Tanya Harrington 

Speaker: Phil Clements, Co-Chair OMG UK LGBTQ+ Advisory Group, Omicron Media Group

Communicating your commitment to inclusion

Session A: 10:35-12:00: Lord 1 & 2

Session B: 14:40-16:04: County Suite

Making your commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion visible both within your workplace and externally is vital part of building more inclusive cultures. This session takes you through our top tips for effective proactive and reactive communications about your LGBTQ+ inclusion activities before exploring how you can apply them to your organisation.

Stonewall Facilitators: Isobel Buckley and Anne Onwusiri

Speakers: Becky West, Learning and Development Partner, Anne Summers and Louis Vine, Corporate Communications Manager, Guys and St Thomas' Foundation 

Building a truly global network group

Session A: 10:35-12:00: Lord 3

Session B: 14:40-16:04: Chancellor Suite

Building an active Global LGBTQ+ network that addresses the needs of LGBTQ+ employees from around the world can be challenging. In this workshop we'll discuss how to ensure your network provides safe and practical support for employees across multiple countries and how to create a unified network across the globe.

Stonewall Facilitators: Louisa Koschyk and Vicky Hayden 

Speaker: Richard Thompson, Global Employee Network Lead, Capgemini

Network Groups: Building a strategy for success

Session A: 10:35-12:00: Chancellor Suite

Session B: 14:40-16:04: Westminster

LGBTQ+ Network Groups are vital for supporting LGBTQ+ staff and can advocate for real changes to workplace culture. However, many struggle to maintain momentum, access resources and articulate their impact. In this workshop we’ll explore how to build a robust strategy that sets your network group up for success.

Stonewall Facilitators: Maryam Din, Calu Malta 

Speaker: Hannah Cooper, Content Development Manager and David Duffield, Senior Product Manager, Sage Publications 

Session B

These shorter sessions will be designed by partners from inside and outside of Stonewall. They’ll share their knowledge to help you find practical solutions to your inclusion challenges.

Health and wellbeing for LGBTQ+ people at work

13:00-14:00: County Suite

We know that LGBTQ+ people often experience worse health outcomes. At work, ensuring your healthcare policies and activities are inclusive of LBGTQ+ people is vital to making LGBTQ+ employees feel truly included. In this session we’ll hear from expert organisations and highlighting where LGBTQ+ people are often overlooked in healthcare and what you can do to change that.

Panel Lead: Yeme Onoabhagbe – Interim CEO Student Minds


  • Talycia Nayee – Bloody Good Employers
  • Michelle Ross – CliniQ
  • Rico Jacob Chace – Black Beetle Health

Introducing the talk about trans toolkit

13:00-14:00: Westminster

Talking about trans inclusion in a way that centres and amplifies the voices of trans people is central to any inclusion work. In this session you’ll hear insights from the team behind the newly launched ‘Talk About Trans’ toolkit. They’ll help you get the best out of the toolkit and share practical ways to share knowledge with your teams.

Stonewall Facilitators: Felix Lane and Sasha Misra

Understanding inclusion for ace and aro people

13:00-14:00: Lord 1 & 2

Stonewall's Ace in the UK Report found that asexual people in the UK have poorer experiences of life satisfaction, mental health and acceptance compared to others within the LGBTQ+ community. In this workshop we will discuss ace identities, key findings from the report and tangible actions you can take to make your workplace more inclusive for ace employees.

Speaker: Jai Deo – EDI Speaker and Consultant

Embedding Inclusive Leadership

13:00-14:00: Lord 3

For the past ten years Stonewall has delivered a groundbreaking programme supporting LGBTQ+ leaders. This taster session will bring you a flavour of that content by introducing Stonewall’s inclusive leadership framework and helping you consider how to develop your practice as an LGBTQ+ leader. Please note that this session is specifically designed for people in the LGBTQ+ community who are currently - or want to take on - leadership positions, including as network group leaders.

Stonewall Facilitator: Sarah Campbell

Maintaining Global Momentum Amidst Backlash

13:00-14:00: Chancellor Suite  

Many organisations working in a global context are facing the challenge of an increasing pushback against LGBTQ+ rights. This session will discuss how global organisations can maintain their commitment, get people on board with global LGBTQ+ inclusion and support staff in challenging times. We’ll hear practical insights from the Stonewall Global Founding Partners on responding to pushback against their inclusion work.

Panel Lead: Ted Lavis Coward (they/them) – Stonewall


  • Ella Slade (they/them) – Vodafone
  • Helen Ouseley (she/her) – Freshfields
  • Kayus Fernander (he/him) – Citi Commercial Bank

Closing Remarks

Ben Whurr: Managing Director (he/him) – Stonewall

Speaker: Lisa Power (she/her) – Stonewall Founder

3, Using the Networking Zone

Come along to the Thames Suite to hear from other organisations creating change across LGBTQ+ communities and find out more about the latest projects and work happening in Stonewall. 

Find out more about our stalls below:

Partner Stalls


CliniQ is a Community Interest Company.  We offer a holistic sexual health, mental health and wellbeing service for all trans people, partners and friends.  We are a trans-led team, who offer a safe, confidential space for those who may not feel comfortable accessing mainstream services.

Mind Out

MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) people. We work to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all LGBTQ communities and to make mental health a community concern. We recognise that our communities are wonderfully diverse, we are inclusive and welcome all LGBTQ+ people.


At ParaPride, we believe that every LGBTQ+ disabled person has the right to feel safe, welcome and included. We are an empowerment charity, run by a group of volunteers that advocates for the visibility, education and awareness of disabled LGBTQ+ people.

Schools Out

Schools OUT are the LGBT+ education charity #educatingOUTprejudice and #Usuallising LGBT+ lives since November 1974. We believe that every LGBT+ person should feel safe, seen and thrive in education and beyond. Through education and advocacy we empower people in all learning settings to create environments where all LGBT+ people feel safe, seen, and supported. We promote a whole school/organisation approach, increasing the visibility of LGBT+ History and people in all our diversity.

Stonewall Stalls

Stonewall Partnerships

At our Partnerships stall members of the team at Stonewall will be present to speak with attendees about how we support organisations through our Diversity Champions programme as well as how we can partner with organisations to authentically grow their engagement with and impact for LGBTQ+ communities in and out of their workplaces.  Come find us if you’re interested in exploring the different ways we can work together to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Campaigns & Human Rights Stall

Come along to find out more about our current campaigns for LGBTQ+ equality, from banning conversion therapy to tackling rising hate crime. At this stall you can:

  • Ask questions about our policy and human rights work
  • Test your knowledge of Stonewall’s history
  • Learn how you can get involved and help us create a world where all LGBTQ+ people are free to be ourselves

Stonewall Merchandise

Pop along and bag some Stonewall merchandise. Get ready to serve some tea with our “Some People Are..." mugs as well as peruse our new range of magnetic pronoun badges. As a special deal for all WPC delegates, we’re offering 20% off any order placed. We’d also love to get some suggestions on what people would like to see added to the Stonewall range for the future, so please stop by and provide some feedback.


Hate crime against the LGBTQ+ community is increasing in the UK. Currently, only 1 out of 8 hate crimes are reported, and just 1 in 5 victims are able to access support. Zoteria is an app, developed by Vodafone Foundation in partnership with Stonewall and Galop, where you can flag a hate incident and get support from an expert caseworker, whether you experienced it, or saw it happen to someone else. By flagging these incidents, you assist us in creating a more accurate understanding of hate crime, enabling us to drive social and policy change. Come join us at our stall to learn more about the project.